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Solidiy your infrastructure as you go from a small home miner to something a little bigger on your journey to building your MicroMinery.

MicroMinery Club LIVE with Dan Lawrence of Foreman

One of the hardest challenges of optimizing your mine is ensuring the RIGHT TOOLS are managing the RIGHT THINGS so you can take a day off. Join the MicroMinery Club Members for this exclusive discussion with Dan Lawrence and gain insights on how you can manage your mine better.

Learn How to Design and Build Your Very Own Mining Facility

John Doe

“The Strategy”
Each day, you will receive a lesson covering the most important areas to address in the planning and design of your crypto facility.
These lessons will last about 1.5 hours and will give you the strategy you have to understand in order to be successful in building a profitable crypto mine.
You will have the ability to network and ask questions of Brad and our coaches as well as other Build-A-Mine students who are going through the Bootcamp with you!

Jane Doe

“The Practice”
After each lesson, you will be provided resources and homework to execute throughout the week.
These exercises are designed to help you plan your current build out or your next.  You do not need a site to finish the work, as it is good to pick a potential site and work through the details, even if you're unsure about it.
Building a facility is not just slapping the pieces together, but takes some serious inventory, budgeting and planning.  

John Doe

“The Follow-Through”
Not only do you get a week's worth of focused instruction on Crypto mining...
You will get business coaching sessions to help you get your organization off the ground or scale it.
This is a business (big or small) and growing a business requires a variety of steps that will help you to ensure your entity is set up correctly, all the way to developing your team as you build your next mine.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest Know How in Mining

The Best Place to Stay Up to Date and Learn How to Run Your Mine

  •  Regular Workshops and trainings 
  • Built In Peer Network to collaborate and learn from
  • Supply Chain Advantages with vetted suppliers
  • ​Templates, Processes and tools to make running your MicroMinery a breeze

Hosting With Our Facilities

Customized Hosting To Fit Your Needs

  • North America: Sites deployed in 12 US States and 2 Canadian Provinces
  • Tech to Suit You: Air Cooled, Immersion, Containers and More
  • Fit To Your Business Goals: Whatever your goals are, we want you to feel like a partner, not a client.  Your Goals are our Goals
We've been deploying new sites for the last 6 years and have a framework in our operations that make it so you can have a quality hosting experience with STRONG COMMUNICATION that ensures you know what is going on when it is happening.

We work with you to make your Mining Operation Successful.

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Want to Learn How to Build A Mine Yourself?

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